Monthly Archives: November 2007

Send Files By Email

YouSendIt – allows you to send files up to 100MB without creating an account. Upon uploading a file to YouSendIt, an email is sent to the recipient, where they are given a link to download the file. The download is available for 7 days and includes advertising on the page.

SendSpace is the best way to send large files too big for email attachments to friends, family and businesses, anywhere in the world. SendSpace allows to send files up to 300MB.

MailBigFile – allows you without registration send files up to 100MB. MailBigFile also claims unlimited bandwidth, but since they cap it at 25 downloads per month, there are indeed limits.

MegaUpload is a leading provider of online storage. MegaUpload allows to send files up to 500MB, offers ad-financed free and affordable premium online storage, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools, and high-volume business accounts including pay-per-download.

DropSend – free account provides you with 250MB of storage and up to 5 sends per month. Unlike some of the other services, you have to create an account in order to send a file. The company also offers a desktop client for both Windows and Mac.

MediaMax is focused on storage, but also offers the option to share your files with others. With a free account, you can store files up to 25GB.

zUpload offers up to 500MB to share a single file. A unique URL is generated for each file and is available for 30 days.

Localhostr – Upload a file up to 50MB in size.

Arunalabs – Send large files to anyone on the net.

Bigfilez – Send a file up to 500MB in size to multiple recipients.

Bigupload – Send files up to 500MB in size.

BoxCloud – Up to 1GB of free sending.

MoveDigital – drag-and-drop interface.

Driveway – Send an unlimited number of files up to 500MB each in size.

FileFactory – Send up to 25 files at a time at 300MB per file.

JustUpIt – Send a file up to 120MB.

Jagbox – Upload a file up to 100MB in size, allow to set an expiration time.

Pandafile – no limitations.

Sendspace – Send files up to 300MB in size, unlimited downloads.

Sharebee – Upload a file, share the link, no mention of limitations on size.

YouSwap – Upload and send up to 1GB .

Send6 – Send up to six large files at once for free

LeapFILE – Send files of various sizes, 7 day trial.

Theme Blog Hosting

Blogabond is dedicated to travel blogs with map integration. If you’re a world traveler, have got photos to post, stories to tell, and, well, travel to blog about, this one is for you.

Trippert – travel blogs. Share your travels with the world, find new and cool places to go, add photos and descriptions.

BusyThumbs – free moblogs for the next generation. Designed for camera phone images.

Xanco is a free mobile weblog, or lifelog. You can take photos or shoot videos with your camera phone and share them with your friends or family anywhere in the world using a lifelog. Add a subject and description and simply upload them to Xanco using email or MMS.

Freevlog is dedicated to video blogging.

BlogCheese – offers video blogging. With BlogCheese you can use your webcam to: stay in touch with friends, tell a story, sing a song—you’re talented!

Word Count Journal is a new blog format where you write one word your first day, two words the second, three words the thist, etc. By the end of a non-leap year you’ll have written a total of 66.795 words, more words than most novels.