Best Online Backup Services provides a secure, 24/7 access to your most important files from any computer with an Internet connection. $5.99 a year for 50MB, sync between multiple computers.

iOmega iStorage – Automated backups for personal or business users, file sharing available.’s online backup service starts automatically and works quietly and continuously in the background protecting your data. allows you to aggregate not only all your desktop files, but all your files and data from different web applications as well. You can exchange files and data between applications using Omnidrive, and also easily share and publish files with just a single click. Omnidrive is multi-platform and is available on both Windows and Mac, and also provides a browser-based version that emulates a desktop file browser.
Omnidrive is free for up to 1GB of storage. focuses on professional backup solutions from small business up to government agencies. is a simple and safe way to back up all the important stuff on your computer. Moxy stores the copy of your data in a secure, remote location.

gDisk turns your Gmail account in to an online storage space for free. – Unlimited free storage of your music collection, streaming play of the songs from anywhere. – Backup your documents for free. Choose to publish some or all of your files, get paid for them. – Unlimited storage of your music collection. – Unlimited storage and automated backup for $4.99 a month. – $1.95 for 2GB of automated backup. – Automatically backs up your blog for you with up to 50MB of storage. is easy and automatic.
No buttons to push or CDs to burn. Simply install CrashPlan and it quietly runs in the background protecting your files without slowing you down. ensures that a copy of the files on your computer’s hard disk are stored securely with us, and allows you to establish this in an easy and stress-free manner. You can send a link to your file(s) to your friend, who isn’t a member of Yuntaa. – Automated off-site remote backups. – Backup your files, store them securely, export them back to your computer in a crash. provides an unlimited amount of online storage for your photos, music, video, documents, whatever! – 1GB of space for free, up to 10GB of backup for as low as $4.95 a month.

IBackup enables consumers and organizations to get enterprise-class protection with superior performance for their critical data at a fraction of cost. Global corporations, Business houses and people trust IBackup for their storage and backup needs. allows to store up to 5GB of files, use as backup or share. – Online backup of digital media, free up to 1GB, subscriptions for more. Stream your stored music for listening anywhere, share files with friends. – 6GB of storage for your files, automated backup, ability to share with family and friends. – Automated backup of your essential files. – Minimum of a 5GB subscription package, files are shareable with other registered users. – Online backup that allows you to snyc with other devices and share links to your files. – Secure off-site data backup, packages as small as 3GB up to 1TB.

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