Phorm is known as one of the leading companies to deal with special personalization technologies. It makes advertising and content more relevant and interesting for ISPs customers. Special technologies allow saving users privacy and providing an outstanding online experience. Among Phorm’s partners there are a lot of leading wireless and fixed ISP providers, ad networks, advertising agencies, publishers, and many others.
Special personalization technologies offered by Phorm extend ISPs services. As to an ISP customer, Phorm offers personalizing the web content while you browse/search something in the Internet.
Discover is one of the free services designed by Phorm and offered by ISPs. Discover proposes more relevant advertising and personalized content. The relevant content will be provided on the ISPs homepage and in the form of a widget inserted in the page of publisher’s website.
Many publishers benefit from Discover as this service enables them to offer relevant pages from their websites, thus improving user interest and increasing monetization opportunities. Moreover, PhormDiscover offers high level of security, defending from downloading dangerous software or visiting fraudulent websites.
It is notable, that PhormDiscover was designed in accordance with the highest privacy standards. The personality of an individual cannot be identified.  The browsed information also remains private. Discover understands what a user likes and provides only the right content or advertising that might be really interesting to the user. Phorm’s product doesn’t store any personal information you may use while browsing. Phorm doesn’t let you to create channels of interest that might appear sensitive. These are: political, adult, children, sexual orientation, tobacco and alcohol, use of drugs, psychological and medical conditions, religion issues, gambling, involvement in illegal activities or race and ethnicity issues.
Phorm is a US company, located in Delaware with offices in Bucharest, London and São Paulo. You can find it listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) since 2004.
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